Our Keto Cleanse Kit is a highly recommended complex of fat burning and gut cleansing nutraceuticals. The kit is specially designed by a naturopathic physician, and weightloss nutrition specialist to accelerate your goals. 


The 5 Day Keto Cleanse is a thorough diet plan that anyone can do but if you are not losing any weight (less than 1 pound) by day 3; a kit will help exponentially.  


Benefits of the Keto Cleanse Kit:

  • Removes the acidic metabolites and toxins from your liver and blood.

  • Pulls the wastes out of your large intestine to thoroughly cleanse

  • Reduce muscle aches and headaches which can be common on the keto cleanse diet 

  • Increase ketosis, your bodies’ ability to burn fat as fuel to accelerate fat loss

  • Encourage your body to lose weight easier 

  • Balance your blood sugar

  • Feel full longer



Keto Cleanse Kit specially designed nutraceuticals: 

Each kit has a 10 day supply of each item.


Keto Fiber Powder

We utilize this soluble fiber to clean out your intestinal tract, balance your blood sugar and reduce lipids in your blood. It has been a favorite of natural medicine for many years. It literally helps make you less hungry, have great bowel movements and keeps harmful toxins from reabsorption in the bloodstream. 


Keto Brain Oil

This ‘high fuel’ oil has the ability to ‘turn-on’ ketosis; your bodies’ fat- burning method . The keto brain oil is extremely helpful for converting your body to produce ketones; thus, weight loss. It acts like fuel to your brain and muscles.


Keto Cleanse Tea
This cleansing tea contains lipotropic herbs to help turn your liver’s detox enzymes on. Botanicals like Fennel, Burdock, Star Anise and others are combined in this tea to help your body detox faster, and restore your gut and clarify the mind.


Keto Digest:

This  proprietary blend contains pancreatic enzymes to help digest your fats and proteins. This leads to a much more efficient way of burning fat and digesting proper nutrients into the body. It will also breakdown toxins in your bloodstream helping reduce symptoms like headaches.


Keto Burn: 

This ketone metabolite is part and parcel of the ketosis pathway. When you take this in capsule form; your body is told that it is ready to burn fat and encourages continued fat burning. 

Let the Keto Cleanse Kit greatly help you achieve your goals in fat burning, gut cleansing and overall health. 

Keto Cleanse Kit

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