Unique Retreat Experience in the Desert

Desert Fit Retreats are a fitness and wellness destination retreat concept in sun and fun filled Las Vegas, Nevada. We help you co-create an experience of a lifetime whether you want to blast fat with our expert fitness  and nutrition trainers, revamp your health with Naturopathic health consultants, or have some fun with a girlfriend getaway/bachelorette party.


Desert Fit Retreats provides a beautiful space, professional healthcare coaches, and a comprehensive menu of services to create your unique getaway retreat experience.   

A perfect blend of fitness, wellness and fun, Desert Fit Retreats  coalesces scenic hikes through Red Rocks Canyon, with fat blasting workouts and yoga-n-mimosa poolside, personal training, wellness consults and of  course some low calorie fun in the are sure to enjoy your time at Desert Fitness Retreats!


Led by experts in the fitness and natural health field, fitness trainer Coach Corinne CuraVida and Naturopathic consultant Dr. Lucinda Mallory, join their two expertise into one incredible destination retreat.


Whether you want to focus on achieving your goals in natural and effective modalities to slim down, boost your energy, balance your health and/or find new and fun ways to incorporate fitness into your busy life, Desert Fitness Retreats is the answer you've been waiting for.

Amenities and Services offered:

  • Lodging

  • Pool and hottub

  • Yoga class

  • Booty-Fit Group Fitness

  • Breakfast/Lunch every day

  • Short or long hikes through Red Rocks Canyon

  • Personal Fitness Training

  • Private Yoga Session 

  • Massage

  • Facial

  • Wellness Consult with naturopathic physician 

  • Weightloss Consultation and Plan

  • Designed Meal plans

  • Meal Preparation

  • Wedding dance/Bachelorette choreography  

  • Sexy chair dance tutorial

  • Pole Dancing

A typical day at Desert Fitness Retreats

A typical day at Desert Fitness Retreats you will enjoy waking up to a cup of coffee, tea or juice with a personalized weightloss, energy or wellness blend, depending on the individual. Followed by a daily group exercise training poolside or hike through beautiful Red Rocks National Canyon, encouraging your metabolism. 



7:00 am:      AM beverages/breakfast available

8:00 am:      Poolside Booty-Fit or Yoga class

9:00 am:      Breakfast (pre or post class above)

10:00 am:    Hike, Health Consult, or Personal Fitness Training

12:30 pm     Break for Lunch/Free time to Relax 

2:00 pm       Poolside PowWow: Weightloss/Fitness/Nutrition

3:00 pm:      Free time: pool, hot-tub, schedule facial/massage 

Retreats are scheduled on the second and fourth weekends of each month. 


Services included:


Breakfast/Lunch: Nutritious and delicious breakfast and lunch will be served. All organic ingredients and allergen sensitive. Please let us know of any allergies. Gluten and dairy free meals available.


Booty-Fit poolside fitness class: This fun and effective fitness class is led by fitness expert, Coach Corinne CuraVida! Guests will be guided to work their whole body (and booty!) sure to blast fat and get your heart pumping. All levels.  

Yoga Flow: A rejuvenating yoga class for all levels will help you increase flexibility, open your energy centers and feel like a new you. Class intensity can be increased or decreased depending on the group. 

Hiking: Beautiful Red Rocks Canyon boasts amazing views and hikes for all abilities. Get outside and enjoy the natural beauty with good friends. 

Personal Fitness Training: Guided by fitness expert, Corinne CuraVida, learn how to achieve your body/fitness goals through exercises of all types. Coach Corinne is a booty expert ladies so pick her brain!

Extra Services: 

Massage Therapy: Deeply relax with a personalized massage. Therapist is able to create a massage just for you.

Facial: Receive a facial created just for your skin's needs. Whether you want a relaxing experience or an invigorating exfoliation, or anti-aging facial, we have it all. 

Natural Health Consultation: If you so choose to include a natural health wellness consult with Dr. Lucinda, renowned naturopathic anti-aging physician, she will be scheduling consults throughout the retreat. These health consults are one way to get the leading natural medical advise on your individual chemistry and how to obtain your optimum health goals. Consults with Dr. Lucinda are a part of the "Elite Retreat" package. 


And don't you worry! There will be ample time to enjoy yourself however you choose on your "off times"! Whether you want to get to work on your tan poolside, enjoy a day of shopping, reading or walking the Las Vegas "strip", or go enjoy an entertaining show downtown, there are tons of ways to make sure you are having a stress-free, relaxing time while getting healthy! 

Meet your Wellness team:

Fitness Trainer Corinne CuraVida is a certified personal trainer, bootycamp coach, yoga instructor, exercise nutrition consultant and all around badass. She specializes in weightloss, muscle toning, mobility/flexibility and meal planning. She can be found climbing rocks during the day and salsa dancing into the night with boundless energy to get you where you want to be!. 

A Mother/Daughter power team: Dr. Lucinda Mallory and Coach Corinne CuraVida will be your fearless leaders during your stay at Desert Fitness Retreats!

Dr. Lucinda Mallory, naturopathic health consultant, former medical director and lead naturopathic physician of 4 top clinics and of and anti aging specialist will guide your wellness consults leading you to optimum health on an individual basis. You can find her running the trails of Red Rocks Canyon almost everyday with the dogs while juggling 100 other things all at once!  Major manifester this one!


We are excited to have you join us at Desert Fitness Retreats.

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