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Fitbooty Bootcamps 

Fun, Fast and Effective Group Fitness   Training    for Women!

Hey Bootyfull ladies!!


I'm Coach Corinne and I created FitBooty Bootcamps for women who have the best intentions to get strong and healthy but lack motivation, structure and workout buddies!


I get it, life is busy, the gym can be confusing and our bodies' are constantly changing. I used to hate working out and had every excuse not to get my booty to the gym. 


I know the process it takes to make a change in your life! Are you ready for a stronger, healthier and more energetic life? Then come join your fellow Wonder Women at Fitbooty Bootcamps! 

Have you been feeling these classic symptoms of not enough Bootycamps in your life?:

  • Staring blankly at the weights in the gym, unsure of where to start?
  • Empty pockets spent on fitness programs that don't work and are unmotivating?
  • Body fat still holding on, even after exercising?
  • Lack of definition in your arms, booty, tummy and legs?
  • Frustration from no results no matter how hard you feel like you've tried?

If you answered yes to any one of the above, then look no further than Bootycamps! Your new coach and fellow ladies will help you overcome and


Start achieving your goals like:

  • Blasting unwanted fat
  • Strengthening lean, mean muscles 
  • Creating curves in all the right places!
  • Toning muscles in your booty, arms and core
  • Finding workout buddies who motivate you

What are Bootycamps?:

- Fun, Fast and Fabulous 45 minute group fitness trainings

- Led by certified fitness and nutrition trainer, Coach Corinne 

- HIIT Circuit training workouts to blast fat and build muscle tone

- Resistance training (Booty bands galore)

- Obstacle training

-Yoga fit flows led by yoga instructor to increase flexibility, mobility and prevent injury

- Pilates Core (think abs, obliques, that gorgeous hourglass shape)

- Zumba Dance choreo (fun dance warm up and/or cool down)



Everyone is talking about Bootycamps!...




Call for Schedule




Redondo Beach 

Avenue C/Esplanade


Meet at Avenue C Stairs 


Contact Info:

phone: 206-289-0162

email: corinne@cura-vida.com

Personal Training Gyms:

Redondo Beach:

631 N Pacific Coast Hwy,

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Beach Bootcamp:

Avenue C Stairs

Redondo Beach, CA 

* DISCLAIMER: FitBooty Bootcamps and Cura Vida Fitness are meant to get you in shape with results driven activity. Please be advised that results cannot be guaranteed with this program. Results depend on the commitment you invest to any fitness program, with your time, effort and disicipline your results can be met.