Top 5 Super Steps to Becoming a Morning Workout Hero:

All the pros know, working out first thing is the best time of day to exercise. Accomplishing the first feat of the day, mentally and physically has scores of benefits: boosted metabolism, increased energy, stress stabilization, and much more. Read on to find your new superpower in getting yourself out of that comfy bed and over the first obstacle of the day: your workout. 1. Set your clothes out the night before Zombie alert: first thing in the morning, you will be a zombie. Our brains just don't always work very well at the crack of dawn. Unless you want to go into public looking a tattered mess, think about your outfit(s) the night before, when you have more energy to match your shoes w

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* DISCLAIMER: FitBooty Bootcamps and Cura Vida Fitness are meant to get you in shape with results driven activity. Please be advised that results cannot be guaranteed with this program. Results depend on the commitment you invest to any fitness program, with your time, effort and disicipline your results can be met.