6 Week Fit For Fat Blast           


Get fit and have fun with Coach Corinne's 6 Week Fit For Fat Blast program!

Coach Corinne created this awesome program for all levels of ladies who are ready to level up!

She understands the struggle of getting back into shape and designs the program just for you. If you're ready to finally get to work and see results in just 6 weeks then let's get to it!

  • Have you been waiting for a sign to get started on your fitness and fat blasting journey?  
  • Have you gained the "Quarantine 15" tummy weight?
  • Are you lacking motivation?
  • Think you're eating healthy but unable to lose the extra weight?
  • Confused about what to eat and when?
  • Always wondered what it would be like to have your very own coach but couldn't afford it?

6 week Fit for Fat Blast includes: 

  • Comprehensive 6 week fitness and nutrition program with expert fitness trainer, weight loss specialist and nutrition consultant, Coach Corinne CuraVida!

  • Personal fitness coaching (virtually)

  • Step-by-Step workout videos offering the most efficient and effective  workouts for all levels 

  • Virtual 1-on-1 nutrition consults to set your personalized diet plan

  • Nutrition/Meal planning app set up to track macronutrients

  • 60 minute Full body, upper body, lower body, booty, back, and core workouts every week

  • Warm-ups, stretching, yoga, mobility, flexibility training

  • Access to your very own expert fitness and nutrition Coach Corinne CuraVida 

      6 Week Fit For Fat Blast  Schedule     

Week #1:

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

You've done the most important part already...sign up! Congrats for jumping in and giving it a go!

Priotity 1 is your initial nutrition consult with Coach Corinne. Your diet plan is the #1 thing to get going in order to see results ASAP.  

You will also receive your weekly workouts to  start sweating right away, on your own time as well as your first virtual fitness training with Coach Corinne. 

Ready or not, here we go!

Week #2:

Get in the Groove

Your muscles may need a little tender loving care during this time. While you are just getting into your workouts, your muscles are slowly but surely building their strength. 

 Make it easy on yourself and do weekly grocery shopping so you can meal prep for the week and set yourself up for success.

You are training your brain to set new, healthy habits so it's important to stay disciplined to keep your fat burning mechanisms turned ON.


Week #3- Lean, Clean, Fat-Burning Machine!

Woohoo you made it to Week 3! This is your time to shine as it is a test to see how dedicated you are to the new you.

You are sure to be burning fat at a fast rate, hopefully down 5-10 pounds already if you are following your meal plan. 

 You are transforming into a lean, clean, fat burning machine. Stay focused so you can achieve your goals by week 6.


Week #4- See and Feel the Difference


Week 4 is satifying, as you are staetign to actually see the difference in the mirror and in your body/mind. You are used to the diet by now and shiudl not feel hunger cravings any longer. The feeling of sustainable energy, fullness, 

balanced blood sugar, increased focus, finally getting you back to your sweet, sassy self. 


Week #5- Strong and Lean



Now you're feeling strong and fit. After 5 weeks of working out with Coach Corinne. You’re in the home stretch and sure to achieve your goal in completing the6 Week Fit Fro Fat Blast program! Your body has done so much for you over these five weeks and you are sure to achieve your goals by next week! 


Week #6- The New Gorgeous You!


You've done it! You are in the last week of this incredible journey. Now your body is strong, lean and you should have burned up to 20-30 pounds!

What an amazing success. Let's celebrate all of the hard work and reconnect on the next steps in your goals. Coach Corinne is here for you and proud of your achievements.



Don't Delay, Sign Up Today!

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