5 DAY KETO  CLEANSE           


The ultimate step-by-step health guide  to  get you started on your transformation

 into the leanest and cleanest version of you!   

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  • Have you gained the "Quarantine 15" like many of us?
  • Are you going crazy with the lack of activity due to CoVid-19?
  • Is your energy in the trashcan? 
  • Do you lack motivation?
  • Are you struggling to keep healthy food choices?
  • Has your mindset been deteriorating with stress?
  • Have you tried but failed to complete a weight loss regimen? 

The 5 Day Keto Cleanse Kit is an absolute must if you have answered YES to any or all of these questions!

If you're finally ready to get serious about your health and wellbeing, then you have found a gem of a full body cleanse.


Get motivated with a step-by-step schedule of exactly what to do to, how to do it, and when to get it done!

The 5 Day keto Cleanse is a scientifically proven diet regimen that can get you results fast, helping you burn fat efficiently, and become the healthiest version of you! 

Learn exactly how to ignite your body's secret fat burning mechanisms. 

      5 Day Keto Cleanse Schedule     

Day #1: Let’s Get Started!


The first day of the rest of your healthy life! It's finally time to initiate new, healthy habits, and take off the hand cuffs that food holds over you. The first day will be focused primarily on setting up the 5 Day Keto Cleanse for success, making sure you have everything ready, and getting used to a new schedule.


Day #2: Cleanse thyself


You've just begun to "clean house." With the new, healthy cleanse regimen, you are actively alkalinizing your blood and cleansing the large intestine (gut). Now, your fat burning mechanisms are being primed and you are training your brain to set new, healthy habits for success.


Day 3- Fat Blast Ready

For Liftoff!

This is your time to shine as day 3 is a test to see how dedicated you are to the new you! If you are following your outlined schedule, you are transforming into a lean, clean, fat burning machine! Stay focused so you can see results by Day 5 and keep it rocking.


Day 4- Keto Engine Is Burning!


Day 4 is a momentous day as you should be feeling many of the benefits of working hard to obtain the fat burning mechanism, ketosis. The feeling of sustainable energy, fullness, 

balanced blood sugar, increased focus, finally getting you back to your sweet, sassy self. 


Day 5- Lean, Clean, Fat Blasting Machine!


You’re in the home stretch and sure to achieve your goal in completing the 5 Day Keto Cleanse! Relax into your new healthy eating schedule and be kind to yourself. Your body has done so much for you over these five days and it is surely burning fat at its most efficient rate.


Become a

Clean, Lean,

Fat Blasting Machine!

Get started today with the 5 Day Keto Cleanse and become your

lean, clean, fat blasting machine!

Allow us to guide you to success in your weight loss and wellness journey. 

The 5 Day Keto Cleanse will be the best investment you've made for yourself, to initiate a healthy gut and shed pounds off of your tummy fast. 

Take your power back and crush your goals in a healthier, happier, leaner you!

          Meet Your Mother/Daughter Wellness Team         

Dr. Lucinda Mallory, ND


Dr. Lucinda Mallory is a naturopathic physician and an expert in women's health and weight management.  She has been in practice for over 25 years and has helped 1000s of her clients to achieve optimal wellness.  Dr. Messer is an avid runner, hiker, dog walker and loves to salsa dance alongside her daughter, Coach Corinne!


Coach Corinne CuraVida, CPT

Coach Corinne is a holistic fitness trainer and nutrition consultant, who has helped her clients achieve incredible results in weight loss and fitness. With over 10 years experience as an athlete, trainer, yoga instructor and entrepreneur, she knows how to help you get the body you want! She loves to rock climb and salsa dance alongside  her mom, Dr. Lucinda!



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